Bronze Casino scam warning

Bronze Casino scam – another from Alpha Interactive

So we have the Bronze Casino scam which is yet another rogue casino skin from the crooks at Alpha Interactive! Do I have to tell you what craphole junk ‘license’ they are using? I shouldn’t fucking have to as it is the turd even of all online gaming scams. Yep, it’s our old fraudster’s friend 1668/JAZ, the number that should have any online gambler shitting their pants and running in the opposite direction until they’re dry.

bronze casino scam you must avoid!

Just about everything is bogus here.

The Bronze casino scam relies on the usual torrent of filth spewed out from under cover of the ten-cent Curacao bullshit license 1668/JAZ in order to fleece the misguided and ignorant who are foolish enough to even piss in their direction, let alone deposit.

You can choose from a whole variety of fake slots, shithole casino terms, lack of responsible gambling enforcement, fuckwits in Customer Services, arbitrary account closures, non-payment of winnings and rogue bonus terms. If that doesn’t grab you then do the right thing and find a proper reputable casino.

Scumbag Affiliates Will Promote this shithole casino!

Yep, it appears legitimate casino affiliate programmes will still pay rogue affiliates to recruit players and let them place their ads alongside shithole casinos such as Bronze Casino, as we can see with this bunch of scamming twats at These fuckers do NOT have a UKGC license and should never be taking UK players – ever!  UK should be geo-restricted and the site should not have the UK flag on it. Fuck-me, what asswipes these crooks are.

Bronze casino scam is perpetrated too by dishonest casino review sites that give bogus praise in order to get their 50 pieces of silver, like these bastards and this shower of shit here, who advertise them with the UK flag and encourage UK players to join when in fact the wankers don’t have a UKGC license and therefore cannot lawfully accept UK players. Yes, Vamos affiliates spread this Bonze casino scam shit about!  Then again, scammers hiding under the fraudster’s license 1668/JAZ don’t give a flying fuck about minor details like that. With dishonest sites promoting this filth, no wonder some poor fools get parted from their cash via the Bronze casino scam.


Evobet scam casino to avoid

Evobet is a scam casino to avoid at all costs!Evobet scam casino – yep, another fucking dodgy and bent shitholecasino crapped out of the Cure-a-cow scam master ‘license’ (yes, you should remember the devil’s number now!) 1668/JAZ.

The same old shit is occurring as with numerous other scam casinos such as 22betCozyno and Betsonic – the taking of unlicensed deposits from countries such as the UK where unlicensed gambling is not permitted, stupid bonus offers via illegal spam e-mails and all the usual shit associated with scam online casinos.

If you are spammed by these cretins for fuck’s sake delete it and don’t open yourself up to a world of misery with Evobet scam casino. You’ve more chance of seeing Donald Trump join a hippy commune than getting a proper deal from these rogues at Evobet.

Someday this license-to-defraud 1668/JAZ will be toasted by somebody in power but until then the twats will happily rubber-stamp any shithole online casino that pays a few bucks and considerations to the select bent officials in Curacao.

If you see ANY casino with 1668/JAZ at the bottom of the page, just fuck-off as quick as your browser can take you. Evobet is just another scam name amongst hundreds.