Cozyno Scam Casino WARNING!

Cozyno scam casino Alpha Interactive bogus site Cozyno Scam Casino BE WARNED!

Hey! Come along and get cozy with another manifestation of shithole casino group Alpha Interactive! Cozyno is simply another in the list of scam casinos linked to Affiliate Edge and promoted by crackheads, degenerates and mental defectives!

Yep, previously exposed here and caught taking unlicensed deposits from jurisdictions they aren’t allowed to operate inside of and hey! check out the 1668/JAZ Curacao ass-wipe license commonly sold to scammers and scumbags for $3.99 a throw. If you know your stuff 1668 is really the online gambling world’s ‘number of the beast’ vomited out from the banana republic of Cure-a-cow or whatever the fuck the dump’s called every time a new leader bribes their way into power.

Check out the huge selection of slots too! Hang on, don’t as this shower of shite have regularly been caught offering fake plagiarized slots imitating Netent and Novomatic to name but a couple, in order to avoid paying developer fees. Now surely if you have an IQ exceeding single figures you will know that if they are prepared to rip off providers that your cashing out and being paid (ho-fucking-ho!) comes very frigging low on their list of priorities.

Don’t bother reading the terms as if they have mistakenly left a loophole in that reads like you could get ever get paid for winning, it will amended as soon as your rejected withdrawal request lands in their inbox. Yep, another shithole casino black hole that neither light nor money can ever escape from, only bullshit.


Avoid if you like your bankroll.