BetSonic a shithole sportsbook AND casino!

betSonic scam casino and sportsbook warning

betSonic scam sportsbook, casino and generally a shithole site you must avoid!

Well, it’s nice to know that shithole casinos also offer sportsbooks so they can rip you off in other ways than just bent or fake slots, or even with real slots. BetSonic is the latest scam casino and scam sportsbook where terms are just changed on a whim to avoid paying their misguided players and depositors. The Betsonic site is owned by some flag-of-convenience 50 euros per registration company called I-TAINMENT EUROPE LTD and iTains N.V, whoever the fuck they are. Probably some of the same money launderers that run some of the other scam shithole casinos mentioned here.

Yep, as well as the completely useless ‘jurisdiction’ of Curacao and the scam 1668/JAZ so-called license they use we have dodgy terms and conditions, bait-and-switch offers to lure the unwise in. Betsonic are as bad as it gets, in astronomical terms they would be a black hole – anything going in to it is never seen again, cannot escape its gravity and naturally that applies to your money.

These fuckwits at Betsonic are so inept that they even change their own terms to contradict other terms they have in order to fuck their players over. Their reputation is lower than a trodden-in dog shit on the footpath and just to avoid paying a couple of thousand poxy euros. You see, these assholes will see their site trashed online and simply use their fraudulent 1668/JAZ toilet-paper ‘license’ to re-skin their shithole casino and sportsbook and be reincarnated under another name.

What next time? BetPhonic? BetTonic? BetMoronic? As with all crooks, the tossers behind this Betsonic scam site will ensure their little earner continues come rain or shine, simply because YOU do not do your homework on Google before depositing your hard-earned there! Curacao should be used for NATO countries like the US and UK to test their nuclear warheads because it’s fit for sod-all else. Your cash is a good as nuked as soon as it ends up there and the place is a weeping boil on the arse of the Dutch Government anyway. In fact Kim Jong Un would probably supply better online casino licenses than this corrupt bunch of thieves and charlatans.

Remember, a Curacao license, especially this shit encrusted 1668/JAZ one is worth less than a junkie’s promise and that applies to the shithole casinos and sportsbooks that use it too. Betsonic is just the latest in a long line of craphole operations to use it.

Avoid Betsonic!