Cashspins Scam Casino

cashspins scam casino to avoid

Just don’t go near this casino, ever.

Cashspins Casino is a Tall Mountain site and this shower are irrefutably associated with GameTech, the number one scam casino outfit in existence – be warned!!

If you read the pages and posts here at you’ll know already the various scams this casino group runs.  Their sites display the totally fucking useless 1668/JAZ fraudster’s license from a shitpit in the Caribbean, owned by Holland, Curacao.

Fake Slots

Then you have the incidences of fake games from Netent, Play’n Go, Novomatic etc. and that’s before the crap and unfair terms, the fact they treat cash-outs as voluntary and arbitrarily cancel them and the targeting of problem gamblers via vile scum affiliates.

Crap Games

Now it’s well known what a bunch of cunts these 1668/JAZ sites are, more people seem aware that no reputable slot developer or game aggregator will supply them with slots, so their fake Netents and Novomatics stand out conspicuously.  Betsoft will supply anyone, what with their rigged jackpot games and no heavyweight license and alas a few smaller developers will too.  You simply won’t find legitimate games from the best providers, but that’s moot as you won’t get paid if you win big on any game at all.

Winners Not Paid

With pond scum affiliates aiming SEO at players excluded nationally via for example GamStop in the UK, there is now an increasing amount of complaints from problem gamblers and sometimes innocent and naïve new players using Google and finding shithole casinos like Cashspins.

Here is the latest duped player who tried withdrawing a profit from this casino, which they never intended to pay.  The usual bullshit, impossible KYC requests which are simply done to extend the withdrawal pending period as these unlicensed casinos don’t even need KYC as they outside any recognized jurisdiction.  But the details you supply will likely help raise them more cash when they pass them on to other criminals at a later date.  If the player waits this out, they then find another excuse and if you still haven’t reversed the cash-out then they will ignore you, arbitrarily shut your account or simply remove the balance.  The only players who get paid are those in heavy deficit to the casino overall and who are likely to spend more in future.  Get a quick big win first visit, you aren’t the sort of twat they want.

Do yourself a favour – carefully examine any casino page right down to the bottom and if you see Casinomir, GameTech, GS Technologies, Alpha Interactive, 1668/JAZ or Tall Mountain mentioned at all, keep your fucking money to yourself as it cannot end well!!

Shithouse Affiliates

Shithouse Affiliates –, and

If you peruse this fine website you will see shithole casino after shithole casino peddling their filth to the unsuspecting gambler. You will read all about Alpha-Interactive-slash-Gametech and their numerous scam casinos using the bogus fraud license from Curacao, 1668/JAZ. There is however, another side to this story of shame.

Not the usual asshole deeds

If you’re wondering, it ain’t the fake Novomatic or Netent slots. It ain’t the fact they take unlicensed deposits illegally from countries like Canada, Australia and the UK. It’s not even the fact they won’t pay big winners, impose unfair terms and actively target problem gamblers. It’s not even the matter of these recalcitrant twats laundering their illegal gains and hoodwinking the UKGC into granting licences to the ‘legit’ branch of their criminal network as with bCasino. So what the fuck am I on about, I mean can this crapola get even worse?

Shithouse Affiliates.

You bet it can. You see, as with drug dealers for example, the suppliers of the filth need people to peddle their filth to the end user. People to pass it on to the ignorant and unsuspecting, to market it while they count the profits. So this is where shithouse affiliates come in. Devoid of principles, these cunts will eagerly lap up the offers from shithole casino affiliate programmes to promote them. Offered 50, 60 or even 70% revenue share the greedy wankers will happily ignore the bogus software, bogus licences and rogue practices in order to make a quick buck.


These affiliates are so bent they couldn’t lie straight in bed. You could forgive some of the morons for promoting bCasino as on the face of it they have a legit licence and can deny their links to the criminal network they are part of; the UKGC have been conned, so how would the affiliate know? This is the exception though as the rest of these sites, many of which are reviewed here, are renowned to be as bent as a rainbow parade marching down Lombard Street in Frisco.

If this shocking unethical behaviour wasn’t bad enough, get this: some scummy affiliates are actually luring problem gamblers to these shithole casinos not just because they are unlicensed, but because they don’t appear on the UK’s GamStop national exclusion scheme, WTF? Yep, these rogue affiliates have trawled up a new layer of slime from the cesspit they inhabit and are actively targeting problem gamblers on their affiliate sites. Don’t the fuck believe me though, check out the Google image below, which even features the logo of SpinUp which has its own very special page on this site:

scumbag casino affiliates


So that is the type of affiliate these shithole outfits attract. Do your nuts, and do your nuts at a bent casino!  Have you noticed how the wording is disguised as if the sites advertise and support Responsible Gambling, using the GamStop name and then they proceed to supply visitors with fraudulent casinos of the 1668/JAZ variety to make unlicensed deposits at!!  This is the worst affiliate behaviour we have ever seen, as new low in the activities of these criminal scum who parasite off the industry.

Even worse, these scammers have affiliate accounts with reputable casinos and promote those on the same sites and fuck-all seems to be done about it. This is the real state of the business alas but no bastard seems to take any notice. The UKGC are far too busy hammering on about Mrs. Amoeba-Plankton from Dickwick who pissed her inheritance into 5 years ago than to properly investigate the people behind some of their licences or blocking illegal play.

What the fuck can I do about it?

Aside from the obvious and avoiding these shithole casinos, use the customer support at your legitimate casinos and report to them that their business is being advertised on affiliate sites actively targeting problem gamblers with search terms for bypassing GamStop. If they hold a UK licence they’ll shit their pants as one feather the UKGC does have in their cap is intolerance for irresponsible gambling and they may get mighty pissed about their licencees allowing promotion of their brand by rogue affiliates like those pictured above, and the UKGC doesn’t have a reputation for piddling fines. It’s time these scum-sucking syphilitics were run out of town, and fucking fast.

CasinoDisco scam 1668/JAZ site

CasinoDisco a GameTech scam site

You don’t wanna boogie at this disco!

Well, as if the horrors of 1970’s disco music weren’t enough, we’ve now got CasinoDisco gettin’ on down and dirty with their unfortunate players. Yep, it’s the usual Game Tech bullcrap, the scam Curacao 1668/JAZ license aka the fraudster’s charter!  We have the CasinoDisco scam now!

Death Disco

Perhaps the scammers should rename the CasinoDisco scam the Death Disco? Hang on a mo, that’s a 1979 chart song by Public Image Ltd. so they can’t copy it, although plagiarism is a virtue to this shower of shite having been caught numerous times offering fake copied games from several developers. Here of course you get to see Betsoft slots and Wazdan, the former a sure sign the casino is bent as they were caught offering cheating jackpots slots and don’t have a premium license so are seldom found at ethical casinos. Unlike before, this bund of bastards at CasinoDisco will block UK and other regions which have proper licensing so we have a slight reduction in the usual criminality but there are still numerous countries who can unwisely send funds there, where the real gamble is not the slots and games, but whether you’ll ever see a penny back.

Shit Terms at CasinoDisco

Now as you would expect, the slots at CasinoDisco can be played on huge stakes of 40, 50 euros a spin which is a real bummer as their rogue terms won’t permit any more than 5k a month to be paid out to any player and trust us you wouldn’t see a penny even of the first 5k as these jokers really don’t want winners who are a fucking big inconvenience to them.

Getting Paid at CasinoDisco

Do you realize the frickin’ aggro you cause if you win? First of all they will have to go through some extended verification to put you off which will never be good enough anyway if you win a decent amount – you could chop your dick off and post it to them and e-mail the after-photo and it wouldn’t suffice. If you had the temerity to chase this bullshit up via the chat, you’d be fobbed off with some imagined breach of the terms anyway and then they would have to go to the trouble of spending 10 seconds locking your account permanently. Who the fuck wants winning players, especially when the cheeky cunts want paying?

Avoid CasinoDisco!

Yep, if you come across this shithole GameTech casino or any operated by their pals Alpha Interactive, take off your dancing shoes and change them for the running variety. Don’t grease their palms with your money, ever. This ain’t Night Fever but a 1668/JAZ nightmare waiting to happen. scam casino – another 1668/JAZ shithole! scam casino 1668/JAZ scam casino warning!

Well readers, we have another vile emission from the arsehole of the online gaming industry, the 1668/JAZ operation in Curacao. The latest shithole casino reported to us is the scam casino site. On the front of it, looks normal with games from Bentsoft, Habanero, GameArt, Pragmatic Play, Fugaso, Explosiv and Play N Go. Cannot even see any fake Netent or Novomatic games which this scam operation 1668/JAZ specializes in. Nice to see game providers will supply software to platforms that operate under 1668/JAZ despite knowing the scummery that goes on with them. So are you good to go? Are you fuck.

Unlicensed Deposits

As with all the fraudulent sites operating under this worthless piece of crap 1668/JAZ, with scam casino you will see that wherever you are located they will take your money. This time it’s not Alpha Interactive, GameTech or Gammix etcetera but I-TAINMENT EUROPE LTD. You can sign up from places you shouldn’t be able to such as the UK. You may see incredibly attractive bonuses shouted at you from the front page which are meaningless when the tossers will not pay out should you win any significant amount.

The same sorry 1668/JAZ shit

At scam casino any big wins will be stalled on withdrawal and then the same bullshit excuses begin. “We are verifying the win” or “We need more documents” or “You breached this term” (conveniently invented afterwards) and their traditional favourite of arbitrary account closure. Always remember these sites are low-rent operations designed to take as much as possible with as little as possible going back the other way. The payment providers are complicit in these unregulated scam money laundering casinos too so you have really got to do your homework.

Spammers, Shills and Crooked Affiliates:

These bogus casinos will try and spam forums with their filth like this or rely on dishonest fuckers to promote them, those sites who ain’t too fussy who suffers as long as they make their cut. There is another easy2win site dating back to 2016 for the Malaysian market, an unlicensed clip joint registered in Panama. It seems this 1668/JAZ crap could be an expansion of their activities.

Just avoid and any casino that has the 1668/JAZ mark of Satan at the bottom.

Spinup Casino Scam – Another Alpha Interactive Rogue site!

spinup casino scam warning

Well, happy new year peeps! You’ll be pleased to know the scamming fucks of online casino world will be just as vile as they were in 2018, so it’s refreshing to open 2019 with the latest Alpha Interactive fraud site – the spinup casino scam!

1668/JAZ scammer’s License

Yep, it’s no surprise this Spinup casino scam shower appear under the fraudster’s charter AKA Curacao bullshit money launderer’s licence 1668/JAZ. This is a pit into which unlicensed deposits from countries all over pour into via off-the-shelf casino skins aided and abetted by an indifferent Dutch government and payment providers eager to skim their share of mug-money.

Betsoft and Fake Slots:

A dead giveaway of a bent Curacao site like spinup casino scam is the presence of Betsoft software and games. Betsoft don’t have a proper license say issued by the UKGC and therefore provide games to any miscreant who will pay (probably) them a cut. At least this is genuine dodgy software, whereas these criminals are renowned for also offering their unwitting players dodgy genuine-looking software. You see, scammers have to date reverse-engineered Novomatic, Netent, Playtech, Microgaming and latterly Play’n Go slots and will happily take a cut of the scammed revenues for providing these to scumbag operators from Curacao, especially those with the bogus 1668/JAZ licence.

What to expect:

Well, on top of fake games and software, shit terms and conditions and non-existent player protection infrastructure you can look forward to having your account arbitrarily closed when you win anything. Money only ever travels one way with a 1668/JAZ licence, and these twats are constipated when it comes to refunding players anything of significance.

It goes like this – deposit, and win something substantial. Action a withdrawal. Don’t get paid. Chase up your money and get fobbed off with lies and delays of various types. Account remains open and withdrawal is reversed back to give you the chance to lose it all. If you don’t, then show signs of seeing your pathetic attempt to withdraw through to the end, your account will be locked, communications will cease and questions go ignored. They know that there is fuck-all you or anybody can do about it in their banana republic.

A glowing example of 1668/JAZ fraud:

Alas a player has been fucked over for a huge sum of money at the end of 2018. Check it out here: the poor bastard deposited at scam site Osiris and won 100k on Book Of Dead. Whether this was a legitimate Play’n Go slot we cannot tell, but he won nevertheless. Naturally the casino followed the steps mentioned above and he has received not a sorry frickin’ cent. Wankers.

New Year Resolutions:

Look, just make sure you scroll down to the bottom of any casino you see and look for Curacao fraud number 1668/JAZ. If you do, fuck off fast. It’s that simple. Screw giving up beer, smokes, burgers or whatever. Just make it your aim to avoid giving these cunts one solitary cent of your money in 2019.

Osiris scam casino winner 2018

Osiris Scam Casino – Shithole Casino Of 2018!

osiris scam casino wins the shithole casino of 2018 award!

Yes, it’s that time of year when Osiris scam casino and all the other festering filth from the fly-blown hellhole of Cure-a-cow vie for their place in the Hall Of Shame as the worst online scam casino of the year!


This year competition has been tough and the standards lower than ever before, the worst since Joyland scammed a 7-figure sum from a Playtech progressive winner back in 2009! As expected team 1668/JAZ has been overwhelmingly strong this year in shithole casino world so the Osiris scam casino has had to work very hard to come out on top, GameTech facing a stiff contest from Alpha Interactive, Affiliate Edge sites and the usual spew of unpleasantness rotting away under 1668/JAZ.

Osiris 100k Theft:

Osiris scam casino came up with a late knockout blow as they suckered in a player from Canada who got very unlucky on Play’n Go’s Book Of dead slot, landing the full screen of Bitch Childs in the bonus round on a $20 bet which yields 5000x bet. With a balance of over $100,000 Osiris had to think fast and quickly work out several different ways to avoid payment.


The first was the usual stall on payment limiting cash-outs to 5k per month which was moot as the fuckers never intended to pay a sorry cent anyway. The second was to ‘investigate’ the win and then use ‘malfunction’ as the next bullshit excuse. The abysmal pattern continued then on down it’s predictable scammers’ path of non-communication, arbitrary account closure with the inevitable outcome of the player not being paid anything. Yeah, Play’n Go aren’t aware of any issue with the game either according to threads on player protection sites.

Here’s your proof – video of the 100k win Osiris scam casino says was a ‘fault’!

Con of the year – Osiris:

So apologies to oceanbets, cashpot, bronzecasino, winner365, joycasino and casino60 etc. You were steadily ripping smaller amounts from unlicensed deposits and fake games in some cases but osiris have slammed in with the big one here, a 6-figure clincher. Better scamming in 2019 you guys.

Bronze Casino scam warning

Bronze Casino scam – another from Alpha Interactive

So we have the Bronze Casino scam which is yet another rogue casino skin from the crooks at Alpha Interactive! Do I have to tell you what craphole junk ‘license’ they are using? I shouldn’t fucking have to as it is the turd even of all online gaming scams. Yep, it’s our old fraudster’s friend 1668/JAZ, the number that should have any online gambler shitting their pants and running in the opposite direction until they’re dry.

bronze casino scam you must avoid!

Just about everything is bogus here.

The Bronze casino scam relies on the usual torrent of filth spewed out from under cover of the ten-cent Curacao bullshit license 1668/JAZ in order to fleece the misguided and ignorant who are foolish enough to even piss in their direction, let alone deposit.

You can choose from a whole variety of fake slots, shithole casino terms, lack of responsible gambling enforcement, fuckwits in Customer Services, arbitrary account closures, non-payment of winnings and rogue bonus terms. If that doesn’t grab you then do the right thing and find a proper reputable casino.

Scumbag Affiliates Will Promote this shithole casino!

Yep, it appears legitimate casino affiliate programmes will still pay rogue affiliates to recruit players and let them place their ads alongside shithole casinos such as Bronze Casino, as we can see with this bunch of scamming twats at These fuckers do NOT have a UKGC license and should never be taking UK players – ever!  UK should be geo-restricted and the site should not have the UK flag on it. Fuck-me, what asswipes these crooks are.

Bronze casino scam is perpetrated too by dishonest casino review sites that give bogus praise in order to get their 50 pieces of silver, like these bastards and this shower of shit here, who advertise them with the UK flag and encourage UK players to join when in fact the wankers don’t have a UKGC license and therefore cannot lawfully accept UK players. Yes, Vamos affiliates spread this Bonze casino scam shit about!  Then again, scammers hiding under the fraudster’s license 1668/JAZ don’t give a flying fuck about minor details like that. With dishonest sites promoting this filth, no wonder some poor fools get parted from their cash via the Bronze casino scam.


Winner365 scam casino

Winner365 scam casino WARNING!!!!

Yes, today we have 2 scammers on offer for the price of 1! The fraudulent and bonus Cure-a-cow license 1668/JAZ has another couple of scam casinos for your enjoyment today, the first of which is the Winner365 scam casino. GameTech group, surprise-fucking-surprise.

Winner365 scam casino involves the usual shit you’d expect with bogus software not supplied from the official Netent server, arbitrary closure of player accounts and stealing the money within and of course never paying the poor fuckers who’ve been unwise enough to deposit there.

1668/JAZ Worthless License AGAIN!

Well, we all know by now what to expect from some banana republic in the Caribbean and their $3.99 ‘licenses’ which aren’t worth a cigarette paper and so the bullshit continues. They’ll take money from any twat wherever they are in the world because proper licensing means jack-shit to these asswipes as you can find out if gullible enough to join them.

Become a Winner365 scam casino promoter!

Of course, equally dishonest are the cunts that promote them. Now these shitbags luckily enough also get ripped-off – it goes something like this…

The 7 Gates Of Casino Hell:

1. Shithole casino winner365 opens.
2. Scam sites promote their affiliate programme, Affplayer, with bullshit like this:
3. Morons and crooks become affiliates.
4. They are paid for tricking players into joining.
5. Winner365 soon gets a repuation for being the scammers they are.
6. Once they’ve fleeced enough players they close their affiliate programme and/or casino which will be reskinned later as another shithole casino brand.
7. They don’t pay the moron affiliates now their usefulness has ended.

If you ever think about joining winner365 casino, please seek psychiatric assistance. Or piss your money down the drain. Either one will be as pleasant as the other.

Right. Read on for yet another 1668/JAZ scam casino….

Bronze casino scam to avoid at all costs!

BlueLions casino scam site!

BlueLions Casino scam to avoid at all costs!

BlueLions scam casino warning!

1668/JAZ Curacao Scam License Does It Again!

BlueLions Casino scam is the latest bogus shithole casino to be added to the foetid turd that is the Cure-a-cow fraud license 1668/JAZ!

Yes, fake games and general scamming such as non-payment of players, questionable software, stupid terms and the whole plethora of filth you’d be disappointed not to get at a craphole like the BlueLions Casino scam site! They’re so vile that even AskGamblers have blacklisted them, and that takes some doing believe me!


The usual fraudulent deposits are taken from non-licensed countries as you’d expect for this black hole of a site, where nothing can escape, not even light and definitely not money.

Here we go again:

If you come across ANY casino that has the scam 1668/JAZ scammer’s charter number under it, don’t just run but disappear as quick as a paedo when a prison riot breaks out. BlueLions casino is as bent as a bag of gerbils being parachuted into a gay bar.

WOG Network:

Well at least something is new here – the owners of the scam casino BlueLions are a new shower of shit called the ‘WOG Network’. Nope, not a racial slur  – they really are dumb enough to use that acronym! What the fuck’s next then? The DAGO Network? The SAMBO Network? Or has ‘WOG’ got an alternative meaning here, possibly ‘Without Original Games’?

Jog On – For Fuck’s Sake:

Be aware – if you come across the BlueLions casino scam run like you’ve got a rocket up your arse and do the same at any casino where the shithole casino license 1668/JAZ appears. BlueLions casino is 100% bogus, a total fucking con.



21Bet Fake Slots Alert

21Bet fake slots scam!

21Bet fake slots Netent's Aliens

Yes, are providing players with pirated Netent games such as Aliens and South Park, long discontinued. Now 21Bet operate under the FSB Label and have a .com domain apparently licensed in Malta and a legitimate looking operation licensed under the UKGC. Now fake slots may be acceptable in a corrupt state like Malta which flogs passports to any criminal who pays the dollar and then watches their new citizens shoot each other, but in any country with straight officialdom they certainly ain’t.

Fake Netent Server:

Players have checked the flash servers for these 21Bet fake slots and on the .com site they come back to a well known fake server. The live chat on tried denying that they were associated with despite sponsoring the same soccer team and having the same customer service e-mail, logo etc. This pile of shit is a rogue casino and the provider of these fake games believe it or not has actually got a MGA license which means the MGA needs fucking hard, as this is the sort of crap you’d expect from the worthless tossers at Curacao eGaming with their ass-wipe ‘licenses’.

Why do these wankers do it?

Fake slots reverse-engineered in Eastern Europe can be provided at a fraction of the cost of the legitimate games thus saving the shithole casinos like casino60, 21bet and Alpha Interactive sites that offer them a large proportion of their costs. This increases profits and allows them to compete unfairly with straight and honest casinos. This has been going on for years now and Netent seem incapable of doing anything about it so it’s up to us to spot these scamming twats and isolate them. There are other slots too which are a dead giveaway of scam casinos like but I shall keep them quiet so as they remain in place to identify the fraudsters with.

Eyes Up Your Arse:

Sadly, players really need to look hard when joining a new casino as it seems some owners and operators are prepared to run a ‘straight’ operation in markets like the UK with proper regulation and take the piss in other markets running under a MGA license or even worse a Curacao one. 21Bet fake slots are by no means the only incidence of this scam. This means  if you end up at the .com version you could get ass-raped by being given bent games and have fuck-all in the way of comeback. have been caught pants down with scam pirated slots and then the lying shits try and deny any association between the UK and MGA operations. You should avoid ALL 21Bet domains. Don’t give scammers your cash!


Oh, by the way, have removed their fake Netent games as I type this, but hey! the images above don’t lie and nor do the witnesses. They were exposed, shat their pants and hid the evidence. Ha-fucking-ha.