Evobet scam casino to avoid

Evobet is a scam casino to avoid at all costs!Evobet scam casino – yep, another fucking dodgy and bent shitholecasino crapped out of the Cure-a-cow scam master ‘license’ (yes, you should remember the devil’s number now!) 1668/JAZ.

The same old shit is occurring as with numerous other scam casinos such as 22betCozyno and Betsonic – the taking of unlicensed deposits from countries such as the UK where unlicensed gambling is not permitted, stupid bonus offers via illegal spam e-mails and all the usual shit associated with scam online casinos.

If you are spammed by these cretins for fuck’s sake delete it and don’t open yourself up to a world of misery with Evobet scam casino. You’ve more chance of seeing Donald Trump join a hippy commune than getting a proper deal from these rogues at Evobet.

Someday this license-to-defraud 1668/JAZ will be toasted by somebody in power but until then the twats will happily rubber-stamp any shithole online casino that pays a few bucks and considerations to the select bent officials in Curacao.

If you see ANY casino with 1668/JAZ at the bottom of the page, just fuck-off as quick as your browser can take you. Evobet is just another scam name amongst hundreds.