22bet scam casino to avoid

22bet is a scam casino to avoid!

22BET Awesome scam shithole casino!

Yep! We’re back in the world of shithole casinos taking unlicensed deposits from any jurisdiction the online gaming processors are stupid enough to send them from. Not the usual 1668/JAZ scam Cure-a-cow bullshit license, but this time 8048/JAZ is the offender with scores of complaints on casino forums, like this: 22BET scam to avoid.

So what virtual vomit can you expect if you’re dumb enough to have played here with these Cyprus-based scammers? We’ll start with the basic shit first such as ignoring player complaints which may be due to the fact nearly every player complains faster than they can send them pre-scripted bullshit e-mails. Then there’s problems with the games the poor players have reported too.

Now we move on the bread and butter of the scamming shithole 22BET casino, the money deposited by fools and the unwary. Pretty much one-way traffic given that there’s tens of thousands Euros worth of unresolved disputes there and 22BET scam casino is pretty constipated when it comes to refunding winners. They will simply ignore complaints and shut your account if they owe you money, all the characteristics of the RAF (rogue as fuck) casino.

In order to maximise their takings if a player makes the mistake of telling them that they’re a problem gambler then that’s manna from heaven to them. No facility to automatically self-exclude, unreasonable demands for documents if you try their deliberately slow and excruciating process via e-mail. Yes, what’s more profitable to a shithole casino like 22BET than a problem gambler – pay dirt!

Just make sure to avoid this 22BET clip joint scam casino – at all costs.