Viggoslots is a scam too.

Well, we have another car-crash of a shithole casino group to add to our dire litany of fraud, deceit and vomit-inducing business ethics. If you don’t know by now then as soon as you see this piece-of-crap Curacao ‘license’ information under ANY casino then run like a dog with it’s balls on fire!

Yes, it’s our old mate ‘JAZ’ with the bullshit 1668 scam master license from some craphole in the Caribbean Sea. A Curacao license costs fuck-all, is worth fuck-all and means absolutely….you get the picture by now.

‘This casino is operated by Gammix STS B.V registered at Dr. Hugenholtzweg Z/N, Curacao under the licence No. 1668/JAZ issued to Curacao eGaming, authorised and regulated REALLY? by the Government of Curacao. Viggoslots © Copyright 2018 All rights reserved.’

So having established the worthless credential of this Viggoslots casino and its Gammix/Danguad Ltd. ‘License’, what is the problem? Fake slots? Actually no, that’s about the only scam they haven’t pulled as far as we know, but it seems they’ve dropped this license and have been reincarnated under a new ‘Gammix’ one. The thing is, both Gammix and Danguad are on the same Netagame Platform and are essentially the same scamming people.

Just a reminder that many other shithole casinos ran under this Danguad license such as Casino Ventura, Casino Adrenaline, Jackpots Knights and one of the worst shithole scamming casinos on record, Staybet to name but a few. Their crimes against depositors included: abusive social media posts, shilling on casino forums, misleading terms, retrospectively changing terms to avoid paying winners, retrospectively excluding games from bonus play after depositors won with them, confiscation of winnings using invalid arguments and the inevitable non-payment of players ‘due to a site update’ that has apparently been going on for 6 months. Rolleyes and read more HERE!

Gammix and Danguad are simply sections of the same broken Netagame turd, as are all the above casinos. Type those casino names + ‘scam’ into Google and you’ll find so many complaints that your eyes will bleed.

If you’re stupid or misguided enough to send your cash on a one-way trip to these East European and Israeli con artists, you can glean some comfort from the fact that when they’ve scammed enough people they may launder the profits by going legit and applying for a UKGC license via a fake front company like Affpower and their cronies have with bcasino (oceanbets scam) and tonycasino under the GS Technology License. Happy days….