pelicanpoker scam casino on 1668/JAZ

Pelicanpoker scam and PelicanCasino the latest rogue sites on the 1668/JAZ fraudster ‘license’!!pelican casino poker scam site

Pelicanpoker scam and PelicanCasino scam are proud to be added to shitholecasinos’ list of scam gambling sites using the rogue 1668/JAZ theft license from the banana republic of Curacao.  As well as the normal shit which we will come to, this lot of East Europeans don’t even proudly display the Gammix, Alpha Interactive or Gametech scammer credentials down the bottom of the page.

Fake Slots Alert at pelicanpoker scam casino!

Yep, the usual catalogue of shit appears here with slots sourced from an aggregator of bogus faked games including Novomatic (who don’t supply this license, ever!) and Netent.  The terms are the usual bilious crap you would expect and paying players is purely voluntary as with all 1668/JAZ scammers.  Naturally scamming affiliates like these wankers at will gratefully take money to help them defraud you by sending you to sign up there too.

Illegal Gambling Hosted by Pelicanpoker

Yep, as usual the crooks will happily take deposits and players from unlicensed jurisdictions like the UK so when Pelicancasino or poker state 100% Bogus, they’re telling the truth!  Or was that “bonus”?  Either way it’s 100% bullshit and the only is 100% that applies here is that you’ll be fucked over when you win anything of note, if that’s possible on the bent games.

Other Linked Scam Casino Sites

Yep, the shit doesn’t stop there with these people, paying peanuts for a scam casino skin and fake games, so why not try to rip more people off?  Yes, they most certainly do with bogus casinos and gambling sites such as, VulkanMega, Lasvegasgame1, Dendycasino (or is that bendycasino?), macaospin and

Avoid pelicanpoker and run like fuck!

If you ever do anything DO NOT EVER DEPOSIT a bastard cent at any casino that claims to have the 1668/JAZ license or shows the number at the bottom of the page!!  They are all rogue, criminal, bent, bogus, illegal or whatever other negative adjective you can apply.  If you want to feel a cunt, spend your money in a brothel and not at these sites as it’ll be a lot cheaper and likely more fun.