Napoli Casino Scam Beware!

napoli casino scam alert fraudNapoli Casino another scam site from Alpha Interactive!

Well, what do we have here suckers?? Yes, somehwere else to be conned out of your dollars by yet another fraudulent shithole casino from Alpha Interactive/Gametech/Affiliate Edge. This time we have the Italian for Naples ‘Napoli’ as our title. Now it’s no coincidence that for years Naples was renowned as Italy’s poorest slum city which is perhaps why these scammers used it as a name. Who knows?

You may be aware that ‘Napoli’ is also a type of pizza but think of not before you eat it, but after it exits the other end – you’ve now got an idea of the standards of Napoli Casino. You should know by now that the number of doom ‘1668/JAZ’ will appear somewhere in this report as that’s the bogus bullshit so-called ‘licence’ that is the refuge of casino conmen and scam artists all over, so naturally is used there too.

What delights await us at Napoli shithole casino? Betsoft games for a start because they ain’t too fussy to whom they supply them and some others purporting to be Play & Go are present too, though with this lot’s track record of fake and bogus games I wouldn’t even trust the day and time they have on the site. Maybe they will even put some Sheriff Gaming slots up next? And where’s the fake Netents nowadays?

Naturally these thieves will take unlicensed deposits, launder them and then buy legitimate licenses with the proceeds and hell! if you have gambling problem they’ll send you a taxi whilst they ejaculate with excitement! Yep, this Napoli casino is one slum of a place!

Avoid Napoli casino at ALL COSTS!