JoyCasino fake novomatic SCAM

joycasino offers fake novomatic slots

Fake Novomatic slots:

Yep! The latest bunch of crooks to achieve pride of place on Shitholecasinos are Casino-X and JoyCasino who are providing fake Novomatic games to some countries like Russia. Now we know this firstly because Novomatic have confirmed the fact they don’t provide software to these scamming fucks and secondly because it’s likely they’re using rogue software provider 2WinPower who have a catalogue of fake Novo, Playtech and Netent slots to name a few.

casino-x fake slots novomatic

Dog Shit:

Now it does make me friggin’ wonder how firstly these twats even get supplied with slots by legitimate developers (which they do) and secondly how some so-called player advocacy sites like AskGamblers can actually contrive to give them and other fraudulent sites a 8.5 rating? Now we all know that aside from the obvious shill ‘reviews’ it’s money, as some places would promote a dog turd if it paid them; fuck the player as long as they earn cash! What the fuck are AskGrumblers doing giving a scamming shithole site nearly 8.5 and a proven top-notch site like Slotsmillion 8.69? It’s completely batshit.


Well another thing that’s odd here is the lack of any licensing seal on these sites. Now that’s either because they have a ‘license’ that is worth less than your own excrement i.e. 1668/JAZ or 8048/JAZ from Curacao that is one they want to hide OR they don’t have one altogether – either way it’s a bent as bag of sidewinders and players should avoid both Casino-X and JoyCasino like a fart in a diving suit!

joycasino fake slots proof


Now this shower of shit actively promote themselves on antisocial media like Twatter and Farcebook in order to draw more mugs into the fold. You MUST avoid Casino-X and JoyCasino like fresh faeces on the pavement when wearing your new sneakers. if you don’t, it’s pointless whingeing afterwards as they have no reputable license to offer any comeback under. Your call.