bcasino be VERY careful!

bcasino avoid at all costs

bcasino.co.uk be VERY careful! Scammers alert!

OK, you see a new restaurant opened with great chefs, fantastic ambience and superb food and wine. You’d love to visit it, right? Then someone tells you it was funded by dodgy money – would you be as keen to darken the doorstep?

Well, we have the online casino equivalent of that scenario with (ex) tonycasino and bcasino. Nice UKGC license, legitimate games and I even hear they’re paying players sometimes!

Well, that’s in complete contrast to how these fuckers ran (and still do) numerous scam casinos with the dodgy Curacao 1668/JAZ ‘licence’. Those shithole casinos include Parklane Casino, Smashing Casino and Cashpot Casino and committed various frauds involving fake software, non-payment of players (the central ethos of their business model) and accepting illegal deposits from UK players without a UKGC license.

So with their GameTech/Affpower cronies and alongside Wolf Affiliates recruiting cretins to promote this vomit, a nice buck or two was made. With Neteller and other payment providers cracking down on facilitating illegal deposits to these scammers, what better way to launder the profits than going ‘legit’?

Simply set up a front company, get a UK maildrop address in St. Albans and apply for a legitimate licence from the UKGC!  Hang on, surely the UKGC wouldn’t be so fucking naïve and stupid as to allow this, despite being informed? Ohhhh, yes they would!

Now unfortunately the Brothers Dimm and Affpower/Gametech and their associated cronies made a colossal mistake as you’d expect from thick cunts like them. One night the scam casino Oceanbets displayed bcasino’s e-mail on their interface. Now the OP of this old thread on Casinomeister for some reason has seen fit to remove the images they posted confirming this and kind of changed their tone to a bit more of a positive one – I wonder why? But don’t worry, it has been reposted in another article confirming this shower’s casino scamming.

So bcasino and another scam casino tonycasino, you have undermined the credibility of the gullible UKGC. Mind you, they removed tonycasino when they realized there was a singer of the same name, another fuck-up. Congratulations, but isn’t the weather better in Israel?

Avoid bcasino. You’ve been warned.