Maxbet Scam Casino

Maxbet Scam Casino is one of the worst shithole casinos possible!

Avoid at all costs.

If you stumble upon this Maxbet scam casino logo in your internet searches or spam e-mails, RUN LIKE HELL!

Another dodgy bunch of Russians have ripped-off Novomatic games amongst others and now offer the unsupecting public fake slots from their own scam server via Maxbet shithole casino! These miscreants will take deposits from anybody, anywhere and you’ll find it’s all one-way traffic and little or nothing will ever be repaid. Maxbet casino is as rogue as they come and the shower of shite behind this lot have joined the hall of shithole casino infamy along with fellow scamsters Alpha Interactive, Yucatan and Gametech.

Maxbet? – well I’d do anything but at this rogue clip joint. Don’t even do Minbet, just stay well clear and do NO friggin’ bet at all. If casinos were brothels this would be the equivalent of you walking into a full house of HIV-positive syphilitics for your jollies! At least then they could rename their scam casino ‘Poxbet’.

Now you may not be surprised that this group of scammers and their scam affiliate programme ‘welcomepartners’ (welcomesuckers) have several more equally crooked, vile and criminal skins of their business which include all these shithole casinos:

Vulkan24 Club
Admiral 777
Pharaon Bet
Sloto Zal
MaxBet Slots
Vulkan Stars
Vulkan Royal
Vulkan Deluxe

These should all be avoided with equal dedication by anybody and everybody. You’ve been warned – this lot are as bad as it gets.