Osiris scam casino winner 2018

Osiris Scam Casino – Shithole Casino Of 2018!

osiris scam casino wins the shithole casino of 2018 award!

Yes, it’s that time of year when Osiris scam casino and all the other festering filth from the fly-blown hellhole of Cure-a-cow vie for their place in the Hall Of Shame as the worst online scam casino of the year!


This year competition has been tough and the standards lower than ever before, the worst since Joyland scammed a 7-figure sum from a Playtech progressive winner back in 2009! As expected team 1668/JAZ has been overwhelmingly strong this year in shithole casino world so the Osiris scam casino has had to work very hard to come out on top, GameTech facing a stiff contest from Alpha Interactive, Affiliate Edge sites and the usual spew of unpleasantness rotting away under 1668/JAZ.

Osiris 100k Theft:

Osiris scam casino came up with a late knockout blow as they suckered in a player from Canada who got very unlucky on Play’n Go’s Book Of dead slot, landing the full screen of Bitch Childs in the bonus round on a $20 bet which yields 5000x bet. With a balance of over $100,000 Osiris had to think fast and quickly work out several different ways to avoid payment.


The first was the usual stall on payment limiting cash-outs to 5k per month which was moot as the fuckers never intended to pay a sorry cent anyway. The second was to ‘investigate’ the win and then use ‘malfunction’ as the next bullshit excuse. The abysmal pattern continued then on down it’s predictable scammers’ path of non-communication, arbitrary account closure with the inevitable outcome of the player not being paid anything. Yeah, Play’n Go aren’t aware of any issue with the game either according to threads on player protection sites.

Here’s your proof – video of the 100k win Osiris scam casino says was a ‘fault’!

Con of the year – Osiris:

So apologies to oceanbets, cashpot, bronzecasino, winner365, joycasino and casino60 etc. You were steadily ripping smaller amounts from unlicensed deposits and fake games in some cases but osiris have slammed in with the big one here, a 6-figure clincher. Better scamming in 2019 you guys.

Casino60 scam site with fake slots.

Well, scam Casino60 really has got it all – or not!

100% fake software of which all slots are rip-offs of genuine games from Wazdan, Netent and Quickspin but that’s just the beginning of the crapola being served up to their unsuspecting players. The games are so fucked-up that they use bogus servers out of Panama of all places, Casino60 is the ‘Novichok’ of rogue online casinos.

Casino60 is so toxic they can’t even claim to use the dedicated fraudster license 1668/JAZ sold by Curacao Egaming for $3.99 a throw, instead they have a dodgy Costa Rica ‘gaming licence’ which is funny as Costa Rica doesn’t issue them. It’s probably where the defrauded deposits end up though, because I guaran-fucking-tee you no cash will flow back to the players from this black hole in Central America.

The turds behind this scam┬áCasino60 are hiding behind a company called ‘Spade Media Entertainment’ which is quite appropriate as you’ll need a spade to dig yourself out of the shit if you are dumb enough to ever deposit funds at Casino60. This casino scam is crapulous, even by shithole casino standards. Perhaps they should rename it ‘Gone In 60 Seconds Casino’ because trust me, your frickin’ money will be…..