21Bet Fake Slots Alert

21Bet fake slots scam!

21Bet fake slots Netent's Aliens

Yes, 21Bet.com are providing players with pirated Netent games such as Aliens and South Park, long discontinued. Now 21Bet operate under the FSB Label and have a .com domain apparently licensed in Malta and a legitimate looking .co.uk operation licensed under the UKGC. Now fake slots may be acceptable in a corrupt state like Malta which flogs passports to any criminal who pays the dollar and then watches their new citizens shoot each other, but in any country with straight officialdom they certainly ain’t.

Fake Netent Server:

Players have checked the flash servers for these 21Bet fake slots and on the .com site they come back to https://static.slotomatic.net a well known fake server. The live chat on 21Bet.co.uk tried denying that they were associated with 21Bet.com despite sponsoring the same soccer team and having the same customer service e-mail, logo etc. This pile of shit is a rogue casino and the provider of these fake games believe it or not has actually got a MGA license which means the MGA needs fucking hard, as this is the sort of crap you’d expect from the worthless tossers at Curacao eGaming with their ass-wipe ‘licenses’.

Why do these wankers do it?

Fake slots reverse-engineered in Eastern Europe can be provided at a fraction of the cost of the legitimate games thus saving the shithole casinos like casino60, 21bet and Alpha Interactive sites that offer them a large proportion of their costs. This increases profits and allows them to compete unfairly with straight and honest casinos. This has been going on for years now and Netent seem incapable of doing anything about it so it’s up to us to spot these scamming twats and isolate them. There are other slots too which are a dead giveaway of scam casinos like 21Bet.com but I shall keep them quiet so as they remain in place to identify the fraudsters with.

Eyes Up Your Arse:

Sadly, players really need to look hard when joining a new casino as it seems some owners and operators are prepared to run a ‘straight’ operation in markets like the UK with proper regulation and take the piss in other markets running under a MGA license or even worse a Curacao one. 21Bet fake slots are by no means the only incidence of this scam. This means  if you end up at the .com version you could get ass-raped by being given bent games and have fuck-all in the way of comeback.

21Bet.com have been caught pants down with scam pirated slots and then the lying shits try and deny any association between the UK and MGA operations. You should avoid ALL 21Bet domains. Don’t give scammers your cash!


Oh, by the way, 21Bet.com have removed their fake Netent games as I type this, but hey! the images above don’t lie and nor do the witnesses. They were exposed, shat their pants and hid the evidence. Ha-fucking-ha.