BlueLions casino scam site!

BlueLions Casino scam to avoid at all costs!

BlueLions scam casino warning!

1668/JAZ Curacao Scam License Does It Again!

BlueLions Casino scam is the latest bogus shithole casino to be added to the foetid turd that is the Cure-a-cow fraud license 1668/JAZ!

Yes, fake games and general scamming such as non-payment of players, questionable software, stupid terms and the whole plethora of filth you’d be disappointed not to get at a craphole like the BlueLions Casino scam site! They’re so vile that even AskGamblers have blacklisted them, and that takes some doing believe me!


The usual fraudulent deposits are taken from non-licensed countries as you’d expect for this black hole of a site, where nothing can escape, not even light and definitely not money.

Here we go again:

If you come across ANY casino that has the scam 1668/JAZ scammer’s charter number under it, don’t just run but disappear as quick as a paedo when a prison riot breaks out. BlueLions casino is as bent as a bag of gerbils being parachuted into a gay bar.

WOG Network:

Well at least something is new here – the owners of the scam casino BlueLions are a new shower of shit called the ‘WOG Network’. Nope, not a racial slur  – they really are dumb enough to use that acronym! What the fuck’s next then? The DAGO Network? The SAMBO Network? Or has ‘WOG’ got an alternative meaning here, possibly ‘Without Original Games’?

Jog On – For Fuck’s Sake:

Be aware – if you come across the BlueLions casino scam run like you’ve got a rocket up your arse and do the same at any casino where the shithole casino license 1668/JAZ appears. BlueLions casino is 100% bogus, a total fucking con.