Shithouse Affiliates

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If you peruse this fine website you will see shithole casino after shithole casino peddling their filth to the unsuspecting gambler. You will read all about Alpha-Interactive-slash-Gametech and their numerous scam casinos using the bogus fraud license from Curacao, 1668/JAZ. There is however, another side to this story of shame.

Not the usual asshole deeds

If you’re wondering, it ain’t the fake Novomatic or Netent slots. It ain’t the fact they take unlicensed deposits illegally from countries like Canada, Australia and the UK. It’s not even the fact they won’t pay big winners, impose unfair terms and actively target problem gamblers. It’s not even the matter of these recalcitrant twats laundering their illegal gains and hoodwinking the UKGC into granting licences to the ‘legit’ branch of their criminal network as with bCasino. So what the fuck am I on about, I mean can this crapola get even worse?

Shithouse Affiliates.

You bet it can. You see, as with drug dealers for example, the suppliers of the filth need people to peddle their filth to the end user. People to pass it on to the ignorant and unsuspecting, to market it while they count the profits. So this is where shithouse affiliates come in. Devoid of principles, these cunts will eagerly lap up the offers from shithole casino affiliate programmes to promote them. Offered 50, 60 or even 70% revenue share the greedy wankers will happily ignore the bogus software, bogus licences and rogue practices in order to make a quick buck.


These affiliates are so bent they couldn’t lie straight in bed. You could forgive some of the morons for promoting bCasino as on the face of it they have a legit licence and can deny their links to the criminal network they are part of; the UKGC have been conned, so how would the affiliate know? This is the exception though as the rest of these sites, many of which are reviewed here, are renowned to be as bent as a rainbow parade marching down Lombard Street in Frisco.

If this shocking unethical behaviour wasn’t bad enough, get this: some scummy affiliates are actually luring problem gamblers to these shithole casinos not just because they are unlicensed, but because they don’t appear on the UK’s GamStop national exclusion scheme, WTF? Yep, these rogue affiliates have trawled up a new layer of slime from the cesspit they inhabit and are actively targeting problem gamblers on their affiliate sites. Don’t the fuck believe me though, check out the Google image below, which even features the logo of SpinUp which has its own very special page on this site:

scumbag casino affiliates


So that is the type of affiliate these shithole outfits attract. Do your nuts, and do your nuts at a bent casino!  Have you noticed how the wording is disguised as if the sites advertise and support Responsible Gambling, using the GamStop name and then they proceed to supply visitors with fraudulent casinos of the 1668/JAZ variety to make unlicensed deposits at!!  This is the worst affiliate behaviour we have ever seen, as new low in the activities of these criminal scum who parasite off the industry.

Even worse, these scammers have affiliate accounts with reputable casinos and promote those on the same sites and fuck-all seems to be done about it. This is the real state of the business alas but no bastard seems to take any notice. The UKGC are far too busy hammering on about Mrs. Amoeba-Plankton from Dickwick who pissed her inheritance into 5 years ago than to properly investigate the people behind some of their licences or blocking illegal play.

What the fuck can I do about it?

Aside from the obvious and avoiding these shithole casinos, use the customer support at your legitimate casinos and report to them that their business is being advertised on affiliate sites actively targeting problem gamblers with search terms for bypassing GamStop. If they hold a UK licence they’ll shit their pants as one feather the UKGC does have in their cap is intolerance for irresponsible gambling and they may get mighty pissed about their licencees allowing promotion of their brand by rogue affiliates like those pictured above, and the UKGC doesn’t have a reputation for piddling fines. It’s time these scum-sucking syphilitics were run out of town, and fucking fast.