CasinoDisco scam 1668/JAZ site

CasinoDisco a GameTech scam site

You don’t wanna boogie at this disco!

Well, as if the horrors of 1970’s disco music weren’t enough, we’ve now got CasinoDisco gettin’ on down and dirty with their unfortunate players. Yep, it’s the usual Game Tech bullcrap, the scam Curacao 1668/JAZ license aka the fraudster’s charter!  We have the CasinoDisco scam now!

Death Disco

Perhaps the scammers should rename the CasinoDisco scam the Death Disco? Hang on a mo, that’s a 1979 chart song by Public Image Ltd. so they can’t copy it, although plagiarism is a virtue to this shower of shite having been caught numerous times offering fake copied games from several developers. Here of course you get to see Betsoft slots and Wazdan, the former a sure sign the casino is bent as they were caught offering cheating jackpots slots and don’t have a premium license so are seldom found at ethical casinos. Unlike before, this bund of bastards at CasinoDisco will block UK and other regions which have proper licensing so we have a slight reduction in the usual criminality but there are still numerous countries who can unwisely send funds there, where the real gamble is not the slots and games, but whether you’ll ever see a penny back.

Shit Terms at CasinoDisco

Now as you would expect, the slots at CasinoDisco can be played on huge stakes of 40, 50 euros a spin which is a real bummer as their rogue terms won’t permit any more than 5k a month to be paid out to any player and trust us you wouldn’t see a penny even of the first 5k as these jokers really don’t want winners who are a fucking big inconvenience to them.

Getting Paid at CasinoDisco

Do you realize the frickin’ aggro you cause if you win? First of all they will have to go through some extended verification to put you off which will never be good enough anyway if you win a decent amount – you could chop your dick off and post it to them and e-mail the after-photo and it wouldn’t suffice. If you had the temerity to chase this bullshit up via the chat, you’d be fobbed off with some imagined breach of the terms anyway and then they would have to go to the trouble of spending 10 seconds locking your account permanently. Who the fuck wants winning players, especially when the cheeky cunts want paying?

Avoid CasinoDisco!

Yep, if you come across this shithole GameTech casino or any operated by their pals Alpha Interactive, take off your dancing shoes and change them for the running variety. Don’t grease their palms with your money, ever. This ain’t Night Fever but a 1668/JAZ nightmare waiting to happen.