Madame Chance shithole casino.

Madame Chance Shithole Casino

madame chance shithole casino

Yes, one of the triumvirate of evil ne’er-do-well scam casino groups, in this case Game Tech with their dodgy Cup-o-cocoa (Curacao) ‘license’. They and their criminal friends at Alpha Interactive and Yucatan continue to vomit out yet more manifestations of the same old skins, dodgy games and terms that must’ve been penned by a third-world kleptocratic president.

I mean, ‘Madame Chance’ – are we going into a Wild West whore house from the 1800’s or a casino? What a stoooopid name. With Betsoft slots (if they’re real which they possibly are are as Betsoft ain’t to fussy to whom they supply them) and very little else to tempt you in. Actually, I was a bit unfair about the stoooopid name as a brothel is a good analogy for this bunch of shysters, because you’ll no doubt leave after being royally f*cked if you enter this site. Yep, at the house of Madame Chance any deposits (ahem!) you make will not be leaving with you. Actually, now I’m getting the name…..

They’ve at least been helpful by putting their 4 most roguish terms in one place. How’s term 13.5 and 13.6 for encouraging responsible gambling!

13.5. We reserve the right to limit withdrawals to 10 times the player’s last deposit amount. Any additional winnings will be removed upon processing the withdrawal.

13.6. Should you place deposit limits on your account, any withdrawal request will be limited to five (5) times the deposit limit, and not exceed €5,000 per thirty (30) day period. Any requests exceeding this amount will be declined, and the funds will be returned to your Account balance. You may then place a new withdrawal request in-line with this limit.

13.7. We maintain a target of five (5) working days for the processing of payouts but may not be held liable for a specific period of time in this regard.

13.8. We reserve the right to decline a withdrawal request if verification has not been completed in full. This verification includes verification of your identity, age and location, and phone number. Verification may include requesting a copy of your identification document, utility bill, etc. In addition, we further reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to demand a notarized ID or any equivalent certified ID according to the applicable law of your jurisdiction.

Yep, just about every obstruction here possible to ensure you have maximum difficulty in withdrawing even the smallest amounts. Cash only flows one way into this shithole casino.

Well, if you’ve read any terms as batshit crazy as these, you can only have been playing at another shithole casino. Avoid Madame Chance casino like herpes in a, well, you know…..

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