Evobet scam casino to avoid

Evobet is a scam casino to avoid at all costs!Evobet scam casino – yep, another fucking dodgy and bent shitholecasino crapped out of the Cure-a-cow scam master ‘license’ (yes, you should remember the devil’s number now!) 1668/JAZ.

The same old shit is occurring as with numerous other scam casinos such as 22betCozyno and Betsonic – the taking of unlicensed deposits from countries such as the UK where unlicensed gambling is not permitted, stupid bonus offers via illegal spam e-mails and all the usual shit associated with scam online casinos.

If you are spammed by these cretins for fuck’s sake delete it and don’t open yourself up to a world of misery with Evobet scam casino. You’ve more chance of seeing Donald Trump join a hippy commune than getting a proper deal from these rogues at Evobet.

Someday this license-to-defraud 1668/JAZ will be toasted by somebody in power but until then the twats will happily rubber-stamp any shithole online casino that pays a few bucks and considerations to the select bent officials in Curacao.

If you see ANY casino with 1668/JAZ at the bottom of the page, just fuck-off as quick as your browser can take you. Evobet is just another scam name amongst hundreds.

22bet scam casino to avoid

22bet is a scam casino to avoid!

22BET Awesome scam shithole casino!

Yep! We’re back in the world of shithole casinos taking unlicensed deposits from any jurisdiction the online gaming processors are stupid enough to send them from. Not the usual 1668/JAZ scam Cure-a-cow bullshit license, but this time 8048/JAZ is the offender with scores of complaints on casino forums, like this: 22BET scam to avoid.

So what virtual vomit can you expect if you’re dumb enough to have played here with these Cyprus-based scammers? We’ll start with the basic shit first such as ignoring player complaints which may be due to the fact nearly every player complains faster than they can send them pre-scripted bullshit e-mails. Then there’s problems with the games the poor players have reported too.

Now we move on the bread and butter of the scamming shithole 22BET casino, the money deposited by fools and the unwary. Pretty much one-way traffic given that there’s tens of thousands Euros worth of unresolved disputes there and 22BET scam casino is pretty constipated when it comes to refunding winners. They will simply ignore complaints and shut your account if they owe you money, all the characteristics of the RAF (rogue as fuck) casino.

In order to maximise their takings if a player makes the mistake of telling them that they’re a problem gambler then that’s manna from heaven to them. No facility to automatically self-exclude, unreasonable demands for documents if you try their deliberately slow and excruciating process via e-mail. Yes, what’s more profitable to a shithole casino like 22BET than a problem gambler – pay dirt!

Just make sure to avoid this 22BET clip joint scam casino – at all costs.


Napoli Casino Scam Beware!

napoli casino scam alert fraudNapoli Casino another scam site from Alpha Interactive!

Well, what do we have here suckers?? Yes, somehwere else to be conned out of your dollars by yet another fraudulent shithole casino from Alpha Interactive/Gametech/Affiliate Edge. This time we have the Italian for Naples ‘Napoli’ as our title. Now it’s no coincidence that for years Naples was renowned as Italy’s poorest slum city which is perhaps why these scammers used it as a name. Who knows?

You may be aware that ‘Napoli’ is also a type of pizza but think of not before you eat it, but after it exits the other end – you’ve now got an idea of the standards of Napoli Casino. You should know by now that the number of doom ‘1668/JAZ’ will appear somewhere in this report as that’s the bogus bullshit so-called ‘licence’ that is the refuge of casino conmen and scam artists all over, so naturally is used there too.

What delights await us at Napoli shithole casino? Betsoft games for a start because they ain’t too fussy to whom they supply them and some others purporting to be Play & Go are present too, though with this lot’s track record of fake and bogus games I wouldn’t even trust the day and time they have on the site. Maybe they will even put some Sheriff Gaming slots up next? And where’s the fake Netents nowadays?

Naturally these thieves will take unlicensed deposits, launder them and then buy legitimate licenses with the proceeds and hell! if you have gambling problem they’ll send you a taxi whilst they ejaculate with excitement! Yep, this Napoli casino is one slum of a place!

Avoid Napoli casino at ALL COSTS!


Cozyno Scam Casino WARNING!

Cozyno scam casino Alpha Interactive bogus site Cozyno Scam Casino BE WARNED!

Hey! Come along and get cozy with another manifestation of shithole casino group Alpha Interactive! Cozyno is simply another in the list of scam casinos linked to Affiliate Edge and promoted by crackheads, degenerates and mental defectives!

Yep, previously exposed here and caught taking unlicensed deposits from jurisdictions they aren’t allowed to operate inside of and hey! check out the 1668/JAZ Curacao ass-wipe license commonly sold to scammers and scumbags for $3.99 a throw. If you know your stuff 1668 is really the online gambling world’s ‘number of the beast’ vomited out from the banana republic of Cure-a-cow or whatever the fuck the dump’s called every time a new leader bribes their way into power.

Check out the huge selection of slots too! Hang on, don’t as this shower of shite have regularly been caught offering fake plagiarized slots imitating Netent and Novomatic to name but a couple, in order to avoid paying developer fees. Now surely if you have an IQ exceeding single figures you will know that if they are prepared to rip off providers that your cashing out and being paid (ho-fucking-ho!) comes very frigging low on their list of priorities.

Don’t bother reading the terms as if they have mistakenly left a loophole in that reads like you could get ever get paid for winning, it will amended as soon as your rejected withdrawal request lands in their inbox. Yep, another shithole casino black hole that neither light nor money can ever escape from, only bullshit.


Avoid if you like your bankroll.

bcasino be VERY careful!

bcasino avoid at all costs

bcasino.co.uk be VERY careful! Scammers alert!

OK, you see a new restaurant opened with great chefs, fantastic ambience and superb food and wine. You’d love to visit it, right? Then someone tells you it was funded by dodgy money – would you be as keen to darken the doorstep?

Well, we have the online casino equivalent of that scenario with (ex) tonycasino and bcasino. Nice UKGC license, legitimate games and I even hear they’re paying players sometimes!

Well, that’s in complete contrast to how these fuckers ran (and still do) numerous scam casinos with the dodgy Curacao 1668/JAZ ‘licence’. Those shithole casinos include Parklane Casino, Smashing Casino and Cashpot Casino and committed various frauds involving fake software, non-payment of players (the central ethos of their business model) and accepting illegal deposits from UK players without a UKGC license.

So with their GameTech/Affpower cronies and alongside Wolf Affiliates recruiting cretins to promote this vomit, a nice buck or two was made. With Neteller and other payment providers cracking down on facilitating illegal deposits to these scammers, what better way to launder the profits than going ‘legit’?

Simply set up a front company, get a UK maildrop address in St. Albans and apply for a legitimate licence from the UKGC!  Hang on, surely the UKGC wouldn’t be so fucking naïve and stupid as to allow this, despite being informed? Ohhhh, yes they would!

Now unfortunately the Brothers Dimm and Affpower/Gametech and their associated cronies made a colossal mistake as you’d expect from thick cunts like them. One night the scam casino Oceanbets displayed bcasino’s e-mail on their interface. Now the OP of this old thread on Casinomeister for some reason has seen fit to remove the images they posted confirming this and kind of changed their tone to a bit more of a positive one – I wonder why? But don’t worry, it has been reposted in another article confirming this shower’s casino scamming.

So bcasino and another scam casino tonycasino, you have undermined the credibility of the gullible UKGC. Mind you, they removed tonycasino when they realized there was a singer of the same name, another fuck-up. Congratulations, but isn’t the weather better in Israel?

Avoid bcasino. You’ve been warned.

NetBet scam casino

avoid Netbet casinoNetBet casino should be avoided!

Netbet (used to be scam casino770) are another bunch of ne’er-do-wells who attempted respectability in the past but turned out to be another bunch of scamming wankers and non-paying twats. At one time they even turned up at Casinomeister and other player advocacy sites, installed a rep and tried to create an air of respectability – for 5 minutes.

This lasted as long as it took for forum members to take apart their unclear and contradictory bonus terms.

Before their incarnation as Netbet they were the ex-rogue casino770 and if that wasn’t enough they ripped-off the logo of (at the time) accredited RTG Casino iNetbet. I must stress that iNetBet are NOT a shitholecasino and are absolutely not associated with the shysters at NetBet!

Anyway, on with the bollocks – this shower of shite even got the ‘Stupidest Casino Trick 2013’ award over at Casinomeister for the shenanigans above and abruptly their rep disappeared from the forum when he realized he couldn’t bullshit people cleverer and more experienced than himself. Ah well….

So off they went and got themselves a UK license and even ended up sponsoring some crap soon-to-be-relegated soccer team from the West Midlands as well as some French teams. A leopard never changes its spots however and this business is now either in the financial shite or downright incompetent as now it appears some sites have warnings out against playing with them – be warned!

They are either slow-paying or never-paying many of their winners and like all scam casinos with something to hide, they won’t respond to complaints. Avoid Netbet.com like the plague. Simple as that.

Netbet get the honour of the first UKGC Licenced casino to be officially labelled a shitholecasino. Well done chaps! Keep on scamming your players, you know you want to! Assholes.

Don't bet at Netbet


Viggoslots is a scam too.

Well, we have another car-crash of a shithole casino group to add to our dire litany of fraud, deceit and vomit-inducing business ethics. If you don’t know by now then as soon as you see this piece-of-crap Curacao ‘license’ information under ANY casino then run like a dog with it’s balls on fire!

Yes, it’s our old mate ‘JAZ’ with the bullshit 1668 scam master license from some craphole in the Caribbean Sea. A Curacao license costs fuck-all, is worth fuck-all and means absolutely….you get the picture by now.

‘This casino is operated by Gammix STS B.V registered at Dr. Hugenholtzweg Z/N, Curacao under the licence No. 1668/JAZ issued to Curacao eGaming, authorised and regulated REALLY? by the Government of Curacao. Viggoslots © Copyright 2018 All rights reserved.’

So having established the worthless credential of this Viggoslots casino and its Gammix/Danguad Ltd. ‘License’, what is the problem? Fake slots? Actually no, that’s about the only scam they haven’t pulled as far as we know, but it seems they’ve dropped this license and have been reincarnated under a new ‘Gammix’ one. The thing is, both Gammix and Danguad are on the same Netagame Platform and are essentially the same scamming people.

Just a reminder that many other shithole casinos ran under this Danguad license such as Casino Ventura, Casino Adrenaline, Jackpots Knights and one of the worst shithole scamming casinos on record, Staybet to name but a few. Their crimes against depositors included: abusive social media posts, shilling on casino forums, misleading terms, retrospectively changing terms to avoid paying winners, retrospectively excluding games from bonus play after depositors won with them, confiscation of winnings using invalid arguments and the inevitable non-payment of players ‘due to a site update’ that has apparently been going on for 6 months. Rolleyes and read more HERE!

Gammix and Danguad are simply sections of the same broken Netagame turd, as are all the above casinos. Type those casino names + ‘scam’ into Google and you’ll find so many complaints that your eyes will bleed.

If you’re stupid or misguided enough to send your cash on a one-way trip to these East European and Israeli con artists, you can glean some comfort from the fact that when they’ve scammed enough people they may launder the profits by going legit and applying for a UKGC license via a fake front company like Affpower and their cronies have with bcasino (oceanbets scam) and tonycasino under the GS Technology License. Happy days….

BetSonic a shithole sportsbook AND casino!

betSonic scam casino and sportsbook warning

betSonic scam sportsbook, casino and generally a shithole site you must avoid!

Well, it’s nice to know that shithole casinos also offer sportsbooks so they can rip you off in other ways than just bent or fake slots, or even with real slots. BetSonic is the latest scam casino and scam sportsbook where terms are just changed on a whim to avoid paying their misguided players and depositors. The Betsonic site is owned by some flag-of-convenience 50 euros per registration company called I-TAINMENT EUROPE LTD and iTains N.V, whoever the fuck they are. Probably some of the same money launderers that run some of the other scam shithole casinos mentioned here.

Yep, as well as the completely useless ‘jurisdiction’ of Curacao and the scam 1668/JAZ so-called license they use we have dodgy terms and conditions, bait-and-switch offers to lure the unwise in. Betsonic are as bad as it gets, in astronomical terms they would be a black hole – anything going in to it is never seen again, cannot escape its gravity and naturally that applies to your money.

These fuckwits at Betsonic are so inept that they even change their own terms to contradict other terms they have in order to fuck their players over. Their reputation is lower than a trodden-in dog shit on the footpath and just to avoid paying a couple of thousand poxy euros. You see, these assholes will see their site trashed online and simply use their fraudulent 1668/JAZ toilet-paper ‘license’ to re-skin their shithole casino and sportsbook and be reincarnated under another name.

What next time? BetPhonic? BetTonic? BetMoronic? As with all crooks, the tossers behind this Betsonic scam site will ensure their little earner continues come rain or shine, simply because YOU do not do your homework on Google before depositing your hard-earned there! Curacao should be used for NATO countries like the US and UK to test their nuclear warheads because it’s fit for sod-all else. Your cash is a good as nuked as soon as it ends up there and the place is a weeping boil on the arse of the Dutch Government anyway. In fact Kim Jong Un would probably supply better online casino licenses than this corrupt bunch of thieves and charlatans.

Remember, a Curacao license, especially this shit encrusted 1668/JAZ one is worth less than a junkie’s promise and that applies to the shithole casinos and sportsbooks that use it too. Betsonic is just the latest in a long line of craphole operations to use it.

Avoid Betsonic!


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Maxbet Scam Casino

Maxbet Scam Casino is one of the worst shithole casinos possible!

Avoid at all costs.

If you stumble upon this Maxbet scam casino logo in your internet searches or spam e-mails, RUN LIKE HELL!

Another dodgy bunch of Russians have ripped-off Novomatic games amongst others and now offer the unsupecting public fake slots from their own scam server via Maxbet shithole casino! These miscreants will take deposits from anybody, anywhere and you’ll find it’s all one-way traffic and little or nothing will ever be repaid. Maxbet casino is as rogue as they come and the shower of shite behind this lot have joined the hall of shithole casino infamy along with fellow scamsters Alpha Interactive, Yucatan and Gametech.

Maxbet? – well I’d do anything but at this rogue clip joint. Don’t even do Minbet, just stay well clear and do NO friggin’ bet at all. If casinos were brothels this would be the equivalent of you walking into a full house of HIV-positive syphilitics for your jollies! At least then they could rename their scam casino ‘Poxbet’.

Now you may not be surprised that this group of scammers and their scam affiliate programme ‘welcomepartners’ (welcomesuckers) have several more equally crooked, vile and criminal skins of their business which include all these shithole casinos:

Vulkan24 Club
Admiral 777
Pharaon Bet
Sloto Zal
MaxBet Slots
Vulkan Stars
Vulkan Royal
Vulkan Deluxe

These should all be avoided with equal dedication by anybody and everybody. You’ve been warned – this lot are as bad as it gets.


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Pamper Casino Scam To Avoid

pamper casino huge scam casino

Pamper Casino is one of the worst online casino scams ever – it even gives shithole casinos a bad name!

Yes, name after a famous brand of nappy, or diaper if you’re American! In both cases, they’re usually full of shit.

As the banner says, you’d better scamper away fast if you are unlucky enough to end up on their shithole casino site. Perhaps I’ve been a little unfair in comparing them with the diapers – diapers are only full of shit sometimes, this shower are full of it permanently.

Like Alpha Interactive sites such as 6Black the Pamper shithole scam casino has been caught using FAKE SLOTS along with the usual issues of abominable customer service, unwillingness to ever pay winners and general fraudulent conduct associated with this type of shit casino.

Unlike scams casinos such as Burnbet and Madame Chance, this lot can’t even be arsed to hide behind the dreaded bogus Master License No. 1668/JAZ, granted by the Government of Curaçao. Here we don’t even get a pretence of licensing, but a dodgy Costa Rica ‘business’ address. There are unfortunately four other shithole casinos, other scam sites associated with Pamper Casino – Money Storm, Casino Girl, AC and Bet DNA.

Pamper should be left to collect bodily waste – don’t let them collect your money!

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