Osiris scam casino winner 2018

Osiris Scam Casino – Shithole Casino Of 2018!

osiris scam casino wins the shithole casino of 2018 award!

Yes, it’s that time of year when Osiris scam casino and all the other festering filth from the fly-blown hellhole of Cure-a-cow vie for their place in the Hall Of Shame as the worst online scam casino of the year!


This year competition has been tough and the standards lower than ever before, the worst since Joyland scammed a 7-figure sum from a Playtech progressive winner back in 2009! As expected team 1668/JAZ has been overwhelmingly strong this year in shithole casino world so the Osiris scam casino has had to work very hard to come out on top, GameTech facing a stiff contest from Alpha Interactive, Affiliate Edge sites and the usual spew of unpleasantness rotting away under 1668/JAZ.

Osiris 100k Theft:

Osiris scam casino came up with a late knockout blow as they suckered in a player from Canada who got very unlucky on Play’n Go’s Book Of dead slot, landing the full screen of Bitch Childs in the bonus round on a $20 bet which yields 5000x bet. With a balance of over $100,000 Osiris had to think fast and quickly work out several different ways to avoid payment.


The first was the usual stall on payment limiting cash-outs to 5k per month which was moot as the fuckers never intended to pay a sorry cent anyway. The second was to ‘investigate’ the win and then use ‘malfunction’ as the next bullshit excuse. The abysmal pattern continued then on down it’s predictable scammers’ path of non-communication, arbitrary account closure with the inevitable outcome of the player not being paid anything. Yeah, Play’n Go aren’t aware of any issue with the game either according to threads on player protection sites.

Here’s your proof – video of the 100k win Osiris scam casino says was a ‘fault’!

Con of the year – Osiris:

So apologies to oceanbets, cashpot, bronzecasino, winner365, joycasino and casino60 etc. You were steadily ripping smaller amounts from unlicensed deposits and fake games in some cases but osiris have slammed in with the big one here, a 6-figure clincher. Better scamming in 2019 you guys.

Bronze Casino scam warning

Bronze Casino scam – another from Alpha Interactive

So we have the Bronze Casino scam which is yet another rogue casino skin from the crooks at Alpha Interactive! Do I have to tell you what craphole junk ‘license’ they are using? I shouldn’t fucking have to as it is the turd even of all online gaming scams. Yep, it’s our old fraudster’s friend 1668/JAZ, the number that should have any online gambler shitting their pants and running in the opposite direction until they’re dry.

bronze casino scam you must avoid!

Just about everything is bogus here.

The Bronze casino scam relies on the usual torrent of filth spewed out from under cover of the ten-cent Curacao bullshit license 1668/JAZ in order to fleece the misguided and ignorant who are foolish enough to even piss in their direction, let alone deposit.

You can choose from a whole variety of fake slots, shithole casino terms, lack of responsible gambling enforcement, fuckwits in Customer Services, arbitrary account closures, non-payment of winnings and rogue bonus terms. If that doesn’t grab you then do the right thing and find a proper reputable casino.

Scumbag Affiliates Will Promote this shithole casino!

Bronze casino scam is perpetrated too by dishonest casino review sites that give bogus praise in order to get their 50 pieces of silver, like these bastards and this shower of shit here, who advertise them with the UK flag and encourage UK players to join when in fact the wankers don’t have a UKGC license and therefore cannot lawfully accept UK players. Yes, Vamos affiliates spread this Bonze casino scam shit about!  Then again, scammers hiding under the fraudster’s license 1668/JAZ don’t give a flying fuck about minor details like that. With dishonest sites promoting this filth, no wonder some poor fools get parted from their cash via the Bronze casino scam.


Winner365 scam casino

Winner365 scam casino WARNING!!!!

Yes, today we have 2 scammers on offer for the price of 1! The fraudulent and bonus Cure-a-cow license 1668/JAZ has another couple of scam casinos for your enjoyment today, the first of which is the Winner365 scam casino. GameTech group, surprise-fucking-surprise.

Winner365 scam casino involves the usual shit you’d expect with bogus software not supplied from the official Netent server, arbitrary closure of player accounts and stealing the money within and of course never paying the poor fuckers who’ve been unwise enough to deposit there.

1668/JAZ Worthless License AGAIN!

Well, we all know by now what to expect from some banana republic in the Caribbean and their $3.99 ‘licenses’ which aren’t worth a cigarette paper and so the bullshit continues. They’ll take money from any twat wherever they are in the world because proper licensing means jack-shit to these asswipes as you can find out if gullible enough to join them.

Become a Winner365 scam casino promoter!

Of course, equally dishonest are the cunts that promote them. Now these shitbags luckily enough also get ripped-off – it goes something like this…

The 7 Gates Of Casino Hell:

1. Shithole casino winner365 opens.
2. Scam sites promote their affiliate programme, Affplayer, with bullshit like this:
3. Morons and crooks become affiliates.
4. They are paid for tricking players into joining.
5. Winner365 soon gets a repuation for being the scammers they are.
6. Once they’ve fleeced enough players they close their affiliate programme and/or casino which will be reskinned later as another shithole casino brand.
7. They don’t pay the moron affiliates now their usefulness has ended.

If you ever think about joining winner365 casino, please seek psychiatric assistance. Or piss your money down the drain. Either one will be as pleasant as the other.

Right. Read on for yet another 1668/JAZ scam casino….

Bronze casino scam to avoid at all costs!

BlueLions casino scam site!

BlueLions Casino scam to avoid at all costs!

BlueLions scam casino warning!

1668/JAZ Curacao Scam License Does It Again!

BlueLions Casino scam is the latest bogus shithole casino to be added to the foetid turd that is the Cure-a-cow fraud license 1668/JAZ!

Yes, fake games and general scamming such as non-payment of players, questionable software, stupid terms and the whole plethora of filth you’d be disappointed not to get at a craphole like the BlueLions Casino scam site! They’re so vile that even AskGamblers have blacklisted them, and that takes some doing believe me!


The usual fraudulent deposits are taken from non-licensed countries as you’d expect for this black hole of a site, where nothing can escape, not even light and definitely not money.

Here we go again:

If you come across ANY casino that has the scam 1668/JAZ scammer’s charter number under it, don’t just run but disappear as quick as a paedo when a prison riot breaks out. BlueLions casino is as bent as a bag of gerbils being parachuted into a gay bar.

WOG Network:

Well at least something is new here – the owners of the scam casino BlueLions are a new shower of shit called the ‘WOG Network’. Nope, not a racial slur  – they really are dumb enough to use that acronym! What the fuck’s next then? The DAGO Network? The SAMBO Network? Or has ‘WOG’ got an alternative meaning here, possibly ‘Without Original Games’?

Jog On – For Fuck’s Sake:

Be aware – if you come across the BlueLions casino scam run like you’ve got a rocket up your arse and do the same at any casino where the shithole casino license 1668/JAZ appears. BlueLions casino is 100% bogus, a total fucking con.



21Bet Fake Slots Alert

21Bet fake slots scam!

21Bet fake slots Netent's Aliens

Yes, 21Bet.com are providing players with pirated Netent games such as Aliens and South Park, long discontinued. Now 21Bet operate under the FSB Label and have a .com domain apparently licensed in Malta and a legitimate looking .co.uk operation licensed under the UKGC. Now fake slots may be acceptable in a corrupt state like Malta which flogs passports to any criminal who pays the dollar and then watches their new citizens shoot each other, but in any country with straight officialdom they certainly ain’t.

Fake Netent Server:

Players have checked the flash servers for these 21Bet fake slots and on the .com site they come back to https://static.slotomatic.net a well known fake server. The live chat on 21Bet.co.uk tried denying that they were associated with 21Bet.com despite sponsoring the same soccer team and having the same customer service e-mail, logo etc. This pile of shit is a rogue casino and the provider of these fake games believe it or not has actually got a MGA license which means the MGA needs fucking hard, as this is the sort of crap you’d expect from the worthless tossers at Curacao eGaming with their ass-wipe ‘licenses’.

Why do these wankers do it?

Fake slots reverse-engineered in Eastern Europe can be provided at a fraction of the cost of the legitimate games thus saving the shithole casinos like casino60, 21bet and Alpha Interactive sites that offer them a large proportion of their costs. This increases profits and allows them to compete unfairly with straight and honest casinos. This has been going on for years now and Netent seem incapable of doing anything about it so it’s up to us to spot these scamming twats and isolate them. There are other slots too which are a dead giveaway of scam casinos like 21Bet.com but I shall keep them quiet so as they remain in place to identify the fraudsters with.

Eyes Up Your Arse:

Sadly, players really need to look hard when joining a new casino as it seems some owners and operators are prepared to run a ‘straight’ operation in markets like the UK with proper regulation and take the piss in other markets running under a MGA license or even worse a Curacao one. 21Bet fake slots are by no means the only incidence of this scam. This means  if you end up at the .com version you could get ass-raped by being given bent games and have fuck-all in the way of comeback.

21Bet.com have been caught pants down with scam pirated slots and then the lying shits try and deny any association between the UK and MGA operations. You should avoid ALL 21Bet domains. Don’t give scammers your cash!


Oh, by the way, 21Bet.com have removed their fake Netent games as I type this, but hey! the images above don’t lie and nor do the witnesses. They were exposed, shat their pants and hid the evidence. Ha-fucking-ha.

JoyCasino fake novomatic SCAM

joycasino offers fake novomatic slots

Fake Novomatic slots:

Yep! The latest bunch of crooks to achieve pride of place on Shitholecasinos are Casino-X and JoyCasino who are providing fake Novomatic games to some countries like Russia. Now we know this firstly because Novomatic have confirmed the fact they don’t provide software to these scamming fucks and secondly because it’s likely they’re using rogue software provider 2WinPower who have a catalogue of fake Novo, Playtech and Netent slots to name a few.

casino-x fake slots novomatic

Dog Shit:

Now it does make me friggin’ wonder how firstly these twats even get supplied with slots by legitimate developers (which they do) and secondly how some so-called player advocacy sites like AskGamblers can actually contrive to give them and other fraudulent sites a 8.5 rating? Now we all know that aside from the obvious shill ‘reviews’ it’s money, as some places would promote a dog turd if it paid them; fuck the player as long as they earn cash! What the fuck are AskGrumblers doing giving a scamming shithole site nearly 8.5 and a proven top-notch site like Slotsmillion 8.69? It’s completely batshit.


Well another thing that’s odd here is the lack of any licensing seal on these sites. Now that’s either because they have a ‘license’ that is worth less than your own excrement i.e. 1668/JAZ or 8048/JAZ from Curacao that is one they want to hide OR they don’t have one altogether – either way it’s a bent as bag of sidewinders and players should avoid both Casino-X and JoyCasino like a fart in a diving suit!

joycasino fake slots proof


Now this shower of shit actively promote themselves on antisocial media like Twatter and Farcebook in order to draw more mugs into the fold. You MUST avoid Casino-X and JoyCasino like fresh faeces on the pavement when wearing your new sneakers. if you don’t, it’s pointless whingeing afterwards as they have no reputable license to offer any comeback under. Your call.



Reelwins casino bogus endorsements displayed

Reelwins Casino Bogus Endorsements

reelwins casino false endorsements

A Shitty Trick from Reelwins casino!

Well, normally it’s the filth ‘licence’ 1668/JAZ that provides most shithole casino material, so seldom do you see a casino licensed with a solid jurisdiction like the UKGC mentioned here. There was one exception, bcasino which is associated with shithole casinos run by Affiliate Edge like oceanbets and the scam money from those has been used subsequently to obtain a legitimate license. Shame on the UKGC. Now we have Reelwins casino bogus endorsements.

False Endorsements:

A sign of either a completely fucking bent casino, or at best incredibly stupid is to provide fake license jurisdictions, seals or endorsements. Well guess what? Reelwins, using the UKGC Pariplay license has done exactly that.

reelwins casino has fake seals

Player Advocacy Accreditation:

Now if you’ve got any sense you’ll be aware of or use trusted player advocacy sites like thePOGG or Casinomeister. These sites have been around years and provide recommended casinos plus lines of communication with their representatives and warn you about scam sites.


To get listed on these sites casinos need to gain their trust which always comes first, before the casinos are recommended or endorsed. Once the casino is fully examined and tested via a comprehensive list of requirements the advocacy sites will then provide the kudos of a seal for the newly approved or accredited casino. Now these seals or endorsements aren’t handed out like fucking confetti and are only given if those strict criteria are met.

So what would it say to you if your casino was falsely claiming a seal to which it was not entitled nor had earned? Would you trust the bastards to pay you, to not implement dodgy terms and the overall ethics of the owners or managers? Would you bollocks.

Reelwins can’t hide from this:

Now I’d hazard a guess that when Reelwins get wind of the fact that their con-trick (at worst) or sheer incompetence (at best) has been exposed that they will disappear the Casinomeister and thePOGG seals facking sharpishly. Just what you’d expect – hide the evidence. Fear not though, for Leon Twatski your dear author has availed himself of photographic proof and if you need a second opinion, it’s on one of the sites they stole a seal from.

Shitholecasinos is proud to add another unethical crock of shite to its pages.




Casino60 scam site with fake slots.

Well, scam Casino60 really has got it all – or not!

100% fake software of which all slots are rip-offs of genuine games from Wazdan, Netent and Quickspin but that’s just the beginning of the crapola being served up to their unsuspecting players. The games are so fucked-up that they use bogus servers out of Panama of all places, Casino60 is the ‘Novichok’ of rogue online casinos.

Casino60 is so toxic they can’t even claim to use the dedicated fraudster license 1668/JAZ sold by Curacao Egaming for $3.99 a throw, instead they have a dodgy Costa Rica ‘gaming licence’ which is funny as Costa Rica doesn’t issue them. It’s probably where the defrauded deposits end up though, because I guaran-fucking-tee you no cash will flow back to the players from this black hole in Central America.

The turds behind this scam Casino60 are hiding behind a company called ‘Spade Media Entertainment’ which is quite appropriate as you’ll need a spade to dig yourself out of the shit if you are dumb enough to ever deposit funds at Casino60. This casino scam is crapulous, even by shithole casino standards. Perhaps they should rename it ‘Gone In 60 Seconds Casino’ because trust me, your frickin’ money will be…..

Evobet scam casino to avoid

Evobet is a scam casino to avoid at all costs!Evobet scam casino – yep, another fucking dodgy and bent shitholecasino crapped out of the Cure-a-cow scam master ‘license’ (yes, you should remember the devil’s number now!) 1668/JAZ.

The same old shit is occurring as with numerous other scam casinos such as 22betCozyno and Betsonic – the taking of unlicensed deposits from countries such as the UK where unlicensed gambling is not permitted, stupid bonus offers via illegal spam e-mails and all the usual shit associated with scam online casinos.

If you are spammed by these cretins for fuck’s sake delete it and don’t open yourself up to a world of misery with Evobet scam casino. You’ve more chance of seeing Donald Trump join a hippy commune than getting a proper deal from these rogues at Evobet.

Someday this license-to-defraud 1668/JAZ will be toasted by somebody in power but until then the twats will happily rubber-stamp any shithole online casino that pays a few bucks and considerations to the select bent officials in Curacao.

If you see ANY casino with 1668/JAZ at the bottom of the page, just fuck-off as quick as your browser can take you. Evobet is just another scam name amongst hundreds.

22bet scam casino to avoid

22bet is a scam casino to avoid!

22BET Awesome scam shithole casino!

Yep! We’re back in the world of shithole casinos taking unlicensed deposits from any jurisdiction the online gaming processors are stupid enough to send them from. Not the usual 1668/JAZ scam Cure-a-cow bullshit license, but this time 8048/JAZ is the offender with scores of complaints on casino forums, like this: 22BET scam to avoid.

So what virtual vomit can you expect if you’re dumb enough to have played here with these Cyprus-based scammers? We’ll start with the basic shit first such as ignoring player complaints which may be due to the fact nearly every player complains faster than they can send them pre-scripted bullshit e-mails. Then there’s problems with the games the poor players have reported too.

Now we move on the bread and butter of the scamming shithole 22BET casino, the money deposited by fools and the unwary. Pretty much one-way traffic given that there’s tens of thousands Euros worth of unresolved disputes there and 22BET scam casino is pretty constipated when it comes to refunding winners. They will simply ignore complaints and shut your account if they owe you money, all the characteristics of the RAF (rogue as fuck) casino.

In order to maximise their takings if a player makes the mistake of telling them that they’re a problem gambler then that’s manna from heaven to them. No facility to automatically self-exclude, unreasonable demands for documents if you try their deliberately slow and excruciating process via e-mail. Yes, what’s more profitable to a shithole casino like 22BET than a problem gambler – pay dirt!

Just make sure to avoid this 22BET clip joint scam casino – at all costs.