Reelwins casino bogus endorsements displayed

Reelwins Casino Bogus Endorsements

reelwins casino false endorsements

A Shitty Trick from Reelwins casino!

Well, normally it’s the filth ‘licence’ 1668/JAZ that provides most shithole casino material, so seldom do you see a casino licensed with a solid jurisdiction like the UKGC mentioned here. There was one exception, bcasino which is associated with shithole casinos run by Affiliate Edge like oceanbets and the scam money from those has been used subsequently to obtain a legitimate license. Shame on the UKGC. Now we have Reelwins casino bogus endorsements.

False Endorsements:

A sign of either a completely fucking bent casino, or at best incredibly stupid is to provide fake license jurisdictions, seals or endorsements. Well guess what? Reelwins, using the UKGC Pariplay license has done exactly that.

reelwins casino has fake seals

Player Advocacy Accreditation:

Now if you’ve got any sense you’ll be aware of or use trusted player advocacy sites like thePOGG or Casinomeister. These sites have been around years and provide recommended casinos plus lines of communication with their representatives and warn you about scam sites.


To get listed on these sites casinos need to gain their trust which always comes first, before the casinos are recommended or endorsed. Once the casino is fully examined and tested via a comprehensive list of requirements the advocacy sites will then provide the kudos of a seal for the newly approved or accredited casino. Now these seals or endorsements aren’t handed out like fucking confetti and are only given if those strict criteria are met.

So what would it say to you if your casino was falsely claiming a seal to which it was not entitled nor had earned? Would you trust the bastards to pay you, to not implement dodgy terms and the overall ethics of the owners or managers? Would you bollocks.

Reelwins can’t hide from this:

Now I’d hazard a guess that when Reelwins get wind of the fact that their con-trick (at worst) or sheer incompetence (at best) has been exposed that they will disappear the Casinomeister and thePOGG seals facking sharpishly. Just what you’d expect – hide the evidence. Fear not though, for Leon Twatski your dear author has availed himself of photographic proof and if you need a second opinion, it’s on one of the sites they stole a seal from.

Shitholecasinos is proud to add another unethical crock of shite to its pages.